Transformational Coaching

Achieve the Richness in Life That You Deserve.

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Spiritual Guidance and Professional Card Reading

Get expert support by an experienced intuitive for clarity on challenges, crossroads, and decisions

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Achieving Greatness Transformational Coaching

Guiding frustrated Conscious Professionals who have tried EVERYTHING to find their way to their next personal and professional level to step-by-step effectively and efficiently transform their inner blocks and achieve the richness in life that they deserve.

Through working with hundreds of motivated coaches, doctors, sales professionals and small business owners from all over the world, I have developed a laser-focused system that uncovers and shifts the limiting beliefs that keep you from achieving personal freedom, wealth and happiness.

What This Means for You – Achieving Greatness Rewards:

  • Discover and move beyond what is keeping you at the current level in money and relationships.
  • Develop more confidence in decision making and who you are.
  • Experience more satisfying relationships, perhaps even healing challenging relationships.
  • Get a sense of peace and vitality and a deeper recognition of what is really important to you.
  • Learn how to experience a relationship to money, to yourself, and to others in a way that empowers you.


"It is with enthusiasm and admiration that I recommend Kimberly Francano for her intuitive, accessible, and open approach to healing. She empowers her clients, gently guiding them towards underlying beliefs, which attract exactly what you have in your life today.

With her remarkable skill, guidance, and humor, I felt very safe with Kimberly, and the healing began to take place.

I was seeking assistance in changing my financial situation, and after five sessions with her, my money vibration has definitely changed! Very blessed indeed to have worked with Kimberly Francano!"

S Parker, British Columbia, Canada

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