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Spiritual Guidance & Professional Card Reading           For those who

  • Want expert support by an experienced intuitive for clarity on challenges, crossroads or decisions
  • Desire to feel more secure and confident about their life path
  • Want to connect to their Spiritual Guides for direction
  • Have a desire to address a relationship, work or stress concern
  • Are looking to experience a Spiritual Connection to Higher Knowing
  • Desire the convenience of receiving this service online or by phone from the comfort of home or office.

More about Intuitive Spiritual Guidance

Reverend Kimberly Francano has been communicating with the Divine since childhood. As such, she has been guided throughout her life to understand and develop the Gifts of Spirit into practical, supportive and effective techniques for healing and uplifting the energy of the planet. She is a Spiritual Warrior who has faced many challenges in this lifetime rising up again with more compassion, more power, and more desire to be the faucet of the Divine Energies at work here. Kimberly has been called into employing Oracle Cards to receive messages clients need to hear to continue their journey towards living their purpose and evolving into more Greatness.

Each Reading involves inviting the Holy Spirit, Divine Mother, Angels, Ascended Masters and Guides to offer information, healing, clearing, guidance and inspiration to each client for their Highest Good and the Highest Good of All involved.


“I had an intuitive card reading with Kimberly Francano this morning. It was amazing and offered the perfect insight to a few things that I have been struggling with in my business and personal life.”

-Bridget McGee, Maryland

“Kimberly is a very intuitive person. Having a reading from her will validate and confirm what you already know as well as giving you insight into what you may need to consider.”

-Pamela Allen

Special Rates Now Available at a Discount for a Limited Time!

One Time Spiritual Guidance Sessions

One Hour Oracle Card Reading

  • Normally $165
  • Now $85 for a Limited Time

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One Hour Card Reading + 30 Minute Energy Healing

  • Normally $264
  • Now $115 for a Limited Time

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Spiritual Guidance Session Bundles

Often these session cause you to experience a shift in energy or awareness, and you are able to see aspects of your life that weren’t as clear before. This could bring about the desire for more support or guidance.

For those who want to receive in a deeper way (with regular appointments), these bundle options are designed with you in mind! They also make great gifts!

Bundle 1

  • Experience the beautiful energy of their Higher Self and receive guidance from your guides and Higher Knowing.
  • Includes: 1-one hour Oracle Card Reading, 1-60 minute Energy Healing, 1- 60 minute Transformational Coaching Session to support you to create a plan for experiencing more personal power and live into your life purpose
  • Normally $560
  • Now $235 for a Limited Time

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Bundle 2

  • Clear a long held life issue or deep wound (like in a loss/grief of loved one or career)
  • Or finally go for a long held goal/dream/desire
  • Includes: 6- 60 minute Transformational Coaching Sessions, 1-Energy Healing Session, 1- hour Oracle Card Reading
  • Normally $1810
  • Now $995 for a Limited Time

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Bundle 3

  • Connect to your Higher Self and experience the Peace and Power of being aligned with the loving energy of your Soul.
  • Includes: 3-60 minute Energy Healing Sessions, 1- one hour Oracle Card Reading
  • Normally $600
  • Now $370 for a Limited Time

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If you would like to purchase a bundle or session as a gift, email  and include your name and email, which bundle you would like to purchase and the name of the person receiving the gift. You will receive an email  with payment options and options for the gift delivery (card by email, mail, etc)


Fans of Spiritual Guidance with Kimberly

Kimberly Francano Thank you so much for the reading you did for me. The points you brought up were so on target. They were subjects I've been contemplating for a while now. Your insights were very helpful and encouraging. As I embark on my next adventure I will keep your words in mind and heart. Your compassion and understanding are beautiful and everyone can gain tremendously from any interaction with you. You and your gifts are a blessing to all of us. May God continue to bless you.”

-Meira Findel, Israel

“Thanks so much for the reading. Fabulous insights. Am so much more clear now about where to take my business.”

-Irene J, Canada

“I had my first session with Kimberly on Sunday and had so many breakthroughs. Things came up for me that needed to be addressed. I practice energy healing on myself through releasing trapped emotions and even though I do this, there was still a massive shift and release that had to take place. This could have only happened through Kimberly's work. It's more powerful to have someone other than myself to see things from a different perspective and get things moving that were keeping me stuck. I've been in contact with Kimberly since my session to give her feedback and she is blown away by what I have uncovered. She was able to uncover a situation about my great grandpa and how I took on some of his energy. She gave me some more tools to help with the process of releasing which no longer served me or him. I was able to go into a session last night and release 24 trapped emotions starting with the info that came up in my session with Kimberly. I found out so much more information surrounding my great-grandpa. I never met him in this life b/c he had passed from a car accident a few years before I was born. But I felt so connected and honored that he trusted Kimberly and I to release what he had been holding onto this entire time. Very long story there. I still have more work to do but I'm definitely on my way and with the help of Kimberly I know I will arrive to where I am going. Thank you Kimberly.”

-Amanda Stewart, Seattle, Washington

“I had a session with Kimberly. It was great, very deep breakthrough, new insight. Very powerful and healing. Thanks!!!”

-Ximena Varela, Santiago, Chile